FAQs for App Users – The Consumer

How much does the App cost?

Our Sirkle App is free and contains no adds.

What are Sales Promotions?

A Sales Promotion on the Sirkle Platform is an item or service that is offered to a consumer at a monetary discount, or by offering the consumer a free item and service of value. Some companies refer to this as ‘specials’. A typical example will be a restaurant offering a promotion of two burgers for the price of one, or where an optometrist offers 30% off the price of spectacles.

Sales Promotions are usually short term and have a call to action for the consumer. “Buy today and get another item free”.  Sirkle is therefore a search engine for Sales Promotions.

If Sirkle is a Search Engine for Sales Promotions, why can’t I simply Google for promotions?

Whilst some businesses may advertise a special on their own website, this special will be specific to their business. Depending on the state of search engine optimisation of the site, Google will not necessarily display that special on that site if Google has not yet picked it up (through Google crawlers).  Furthermore, if you search for, example, ‘Pizza Special’, the information that will be resolved may be old and no longer valid. Even worse, a good valid promotion may be hidden away on page 5 of the Search Engine Results Page, and the consumer will not be aware of it.  Statistics show that 93% of all people will not read results that are on page 2 and beyond.  So, when you ‘Google’ for promotions, you will at best be offered some selective snippets of both active and old promotions.

Sirkle, on the other hand, is a specialist sales promotion platform, both national and international. We are a dedicated and specialised search engine for all types of sales promotions, a ‘Bargain hunter in your pocket’.

Can I access your platform from my smartphone?

You can access our platform from any device – on your PC or Mac you will use the browser version by entering the URL ‘thesirkle.com’.  On your tablet or smartphone, you can either use the browser version or you can download our Sirkle App from Google Play or the Apple App Store.

What can I expect to see on Sirkle?

You will see active and upcoming sales promotions based on your location, if you have allowed Sirkle to access your location.  When you click on a specific promotion, you will see all the relevant details of the promotion, from which you can then navigate, call to make an appointment or further check out the business by clicking through to their social media site.

Is there a way for me to see a promotion in my area without having to open the app?

Yes, you can choose a setting that will allow the platform to notify you of nearby promotions, within 1km of your present position. How handy is this…?  Imagine walking in a shopping centre and the platform notifies you that there are 12 shops that are all offering fantastic specials. Furthermore, if you ‘like’ a specific business location, you will receive push notifications of all the promotions that they offer.

How will I know if my favourite pizza place has a new promotion?

If you ‘like’ the location you will receive notifications of their future promotions.

How do I prevent the platform from irritating me with continuous notifications?

You can opt out at any time from receiving push notifications by ‘un-liking’ the business location. You can also disable the ‘nearby promotion’ setting.

If I prefer not to receive push notifications, how will I be made aware of any promotions?

Sirkle has thought of everything…. You can search for any category of promotion, example, nail bars, and you will be presented with all nail bars close to you.

Do I, as the consumer, have to pay Sirkle anything for making use of a promotion?

No, Sirkle merely links the business and the consumer by means of our platform. You will pay the business that offers the promotion directly when you make use of the promotion.