How to use our application

Sirkle is a Search Engine for Consumer Sales Promotions.  Our platform enables you the user, to search for any product or service, and the results will be displayed in a list or map view in relation to your location. By clicking on the promotion of your choice, you will be given all the relevant information regarding this promotion. 

When in the detailed promotion view, you are able to contact the vendor by email, telephone or visit their Social Media sites. Just click on the relevant link to execute the action. You are also able to navigate to the vendor premises by clicking on the Navigate icon under the map. This could be a store, a mall or an online business.

When you "Like" a specific Business Location you are authorising the business to Push notifications to your mobile device. This process is reversible by "Un-liking" the Business. The benefit of "Liking" a business is that you will always be in the loop when the Business runs a new promotion.

Type in anything you are searching for and see if a company close by has it on promotion. Or, if you download the Sirkle App and liked a vendor's location, you will receive notifications of any promotions that are available at that location.